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Taghavi, Nayyere

Arash, the Archer
Illustrator:Taghavi, Nayyere
Publisher:Nazar - Ketabe Khoroos, Iran
Writer:Yarshater, Ehsan
Abstract:Based on an ancient Iranian Legend
Thousands years ago, Pishdadiyan dynasty was the first empire which had ruled Iran.
One of this dynasty’s kings was named Manouchehr.
At that time Iran was a large country with paths and fertile verdure plains.
And so this country was never safe from its neighbors’ push.
The neighbor of Iran from north was Turan.
Afrasiyab was the King of Turan.
He was very ambitious and combative person and always dreamed up occupying and ruling Iran.
Therefore, occasionally from north borders, his army attacked Iran to conquest of it.
So that, for many years there were long-lasting wars between Iran and Turan.
At a fight between Afrasiyab the king of Turan, and Manouchehr the king of Iran, situation of Iranian’s army turned to straits in Mazandaran area.
Finally the rulers of both sides agreed to make peace....
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The Cat of Happiness
Illustrator:Taghavi, Nayyere
Publisher:Shinseken, Japan
Writer:Kadoyama, Yukie
Abstract:Also in Spanish and Mandarin, Chinese Edition.
Once upon a time, an old man and an old woman lived in a small but charming home. They had no children and lived by themselves, but they were very happy. They had no fields to from nor animals to take care of, but they lived a peaceful, quiet life. One night, after they had gone to bed, they heard strange noises from the backyard and up on the roof. “oh, too bad we don’t have a dog!” they thought. Who was the unexpected visitor, and how did he change the old couple’s life? Find out in this delightful folktale.
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Three Ogre Hairs
Illustrator:Taghavi, Nayyere
Publisher:Shinseken, Japan
Abstract:An Iranian Folk Tale about a King whose astrologers predict a baby boy will one day upsurp him. So the King abandons the baby by a river, but it survives and grows up to marry his daughter and on a mission seeking an enchanted Ogre.
This book is in Japanese, also comes in English, with beautiful colorful illustrations on every page.
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