Rahmandoost, Mostafa
Date of Birth:1940
Place of Birth:Hahedan
  • Director of the Children’s Department of Television
  • Member of the Board and Vice-Chairman of the Association of Writers for Children and Youth
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine: Roshde Danesh Amouz and Soroushe Koodakan
  • Judge of many literary and film festival for children and young adults etc
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  • "Best Writer of Human Nature and Pacifism"
  • "More Beautiful than Spring"
  • "The Garden of Kindness"
  • "Behind These Windows"
  • "One Hundred Ruby Seeds"
  • "Three Steps Farther From His Mother"
  • "The Branches in the Wind, The Roots in the Soil"
  • "Behind These Windows"
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