Tazhibi, Mahni
Date of Birth:1981
Place of Birth:Tehran
  • • Education:
    2004:B.A in Graphic Design from the Tehran University
    2007:M.A in Illustration from the Tehran University
    • Experience:
    -Member of the Iranian Illustrators Cultural and Artistic Association
    -Working with children and young adults press since 2001
    -Illustrated more than 20 titles of children and young adult books
    • Awards:
    -2001: Winner of the 1st Winter Illustration Festival in Tehran
    -2003: Winner of the 11th Institute Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults books festival in Tehran
    -2008: Winner of the 3rd Iranian school books Illustration Festival
    -2008: Winner of the 1st Iranian Litterateur Master pieces Illustration Festival
    -2009: Winner of the 9th Children and Young Adults press Festival in Tehran
    -Took part in BIB 2003
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