Kazemi, Nahid
Date of Birth:1356
Place of Birth:Tehran
  • - BA in painting from AL Zahra Art university of Tehran
    - MA in painting from Art university of Tehran
    From 2005 Member of Cultural & Artistic Society of Iranian Illustrators
    In 2015, became a Member of artistic diversity of Montreal (DAM)
    In 2015, became a Member of Association of Illustrators of Quebec (IQ)
    from 2008 Member of Iranian Graphic Designer’s Society (IGDS)
    - Fifteen year experiences as a children’s book illustrator: Illustrating a series of children's books on the history of Iran, doing illustration more than 50 picture books for children and adults in Iran. Cooperation with Tiny Owl publisher in london , Sanje publisher in Slovenia and the online magazine la Case est belle in France, artistic diversity of Montreal and the magazine TicArtToc in Canada
    - Ten years experiences as a painter and collaboration with Artlab gallery in Beirut, la Huppe in Paris, Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran, Mecic Gallery in Montreal
    - Two years experiences in the education sector in two Art College in Iran
    - Three years experiences as an art director in “Elmi va farhangi” publisher
    - Ten years experiences as a Graphic designer in Iran, France, Canada
    - 2000 Iran, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Drawing Biennial
    - 2015 Canada, Montreal, Community recreation center of Côte -des-Neiges
    - 2015 Canada, Montreal, Mecic Gallery
    - 2010 France,Paris, La Huppe Cultural Institute, Solo Exhibition
    - 2009 Belgrade, the 44Th Golden Pen of Belgrade
    - 2013 Tehran International Biennale of Illustration
    - 2015 Denmark, New Pictures from Iran
    - 2014 Lebanon, Beirut Art Fair
    - 2014 Lebanon, Beirut, Group Exhibition in Artlab Gallery, Iranian illustrators
    - 2014 Baku, Iranian illustrators
    - 2003 Iran, Drawing Biennial, Barg Gallery
    - 2014 Iran, Tehran, Artist Garden, 50+1 Illustrators Exhibition
    - 2009 Iran, Tehran, Artist Garden, We Are Illustrators Exhibition
    - 2006 Iran, Tehran, Saba Gallery, Modern Painter of Fars Province
    - 2005 Iran, Tehran, Laleh Gallery, Group Exhibition
    - 2004 Iran, Shiraz, Sooreh University Lecturers
    - 2000-2015 Freelance Illustrator
    - Tiny Owl Publisher, London
    - Alive Again, text of Ahmadreza Ahmadi, 2015
    - Sanje Publisher, Slovenia
    - Three –volume book set about Srecko Kosovel’s Poems, Hafez and Roomi, 2015
    - TIC ART TOC magazine, Canada
    - Réflexion, text of Louis Jacob, 2015
    - La Case est belle, online magazine, France
    - The subject : The pleasures of the mouth, 2014
    - Kanoon Publisher, Iran
    - Autumn winds, spring winds, Text of Ahmadreza Ahmadi, 2014
    - A cup of poem, text of Mojde Pakseresht, 2013
    - The knife and the cheese, Text of Mehdi Moieni, 2014
    - Sales Publisher, Iran
    - He comes back in the rain, text of Ahmadreza Ahmadi, 2013
    - Sooreh Mehr Publisher, Iran
    - Clip Clip , I am a tailor, 2015
    - The beetles’ solitude, 2015
    - Crows at night, 2015
    - Chekkeh publisher
    - The world is not beautifull without trees, text of Mohammad Goudarzi, 2014
    - The bird was happy,text of Mohammad Goudarzi,2014
    - Orange House, text of Nahid Kazemi
    - Elmi o Farhangi Publisher
    - The cloud and the crow, text of Ali Naseri, 2005
    - Where the eagle’s nest is, text of Taraneh Matloob, 2007
    - Madreseh Publisher
    - The kid who wasn’t a kid, text of Ali Naseri, 2003
    - Mr. Watermelon, text of Fariba Kalhor, 2002
    - Afarinegan Publisher:
    - One Thousand and one year, text of Shahreyar Mandanipoor ,2000
    - From diary of an author on giraffe, text of Navid Seyed Ali Akbar, 2014
    - Tarbiat Publisher
    - The salt statue, text of Narges Abyar, 2003
    - Saz o Kar publisher
    - Several cities and several tales (Iranologist children), text of Majid Parvanehpoor
    - Several cities and several tales (Iranologist children), text of Nahid Kazemi
    - The tune of sohrab’s musical instrument, text of Maryam Sabbaghzadeh
    - Peydayesh Publisher
    - The larva and the mulberry tree, 2015
    - The dairy cow and the painting cow, 2015

    - Mahdavi Publisher
    - Zamin gholi and lady Khorshid, text of Nahid Mahdavi, 2002
    - One goat, two goat, half goat and a little man, text of Nahid Mahdavi, 2002
    - Organisation for school textbook
    - Religion textbook for 2nd year of highschool, 2000
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