Kia Literary Agency
KIA Literary Agency was founded in 2002 in Tehran with the aim of promoting and supporting fine literary works in all forms through the world. It brings about opportunities for authors, illustrators, publishers, translators and those involved in this field to meet their counterparts. And at the same time it introduces them to the world and will inform them of all the related events which take place in the world of art and literature.

Kia Services
Kia provides the following services for its clients:
  • Introducing writers, translators, publishers, literary and art works to the international market through International exhibitions, Catalogues, Internet, Newsletters, etc.
  • Literary and artistic consultation
  • Preparing artworks and literary material for international participation
  • Setting legal international contracts between the artist and those interested to use the work.
  • Arranging copy-right agreement between the publisher and the client
  • Organizing professional round-tables
  • High quality translation and editing of literary works in all languages for international participation.
  • Providing all services to the client to enter the international market.
Contact Information
KIA Literary Agency, Tehran, IRAN
Cell phone: 0912 1041019,  Fax: +98(21)22854425
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