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Goldouzian, Alireza

A Mess
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Abstract:This story is about a cook goat and
a tree.The goat cooked near the tree and the tree
didn’t like the mess and the noise.The cook goat decided to find a
solution for this problem.So he talked to the tree and asked him if he
has every been admired and appreciated....
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A Mothers's Fears
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Abstract:Mother Goat was a great worrier.
One of those mothers who is always worrying about her children,
always giving them lots of advices:
be careful, it’s dangerous, no, don't do this, don't do that....
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Bologna Annual cover 2006
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
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Mullah Nasreddin
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
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Nimman Boogh (Half Man Horn)
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Writer:Shojaei, Seyed Ali
Abstract:Long, long time ago, there was a king in a fruitful land. He decided to collect taxes from his people. At the same time a representative from one of his cities approached him and asked him to make a deal. King asked what kind of deal? He replied, “That he will ask few questions from his ministers. If his ministers were smarter than the people and answer the question correctly; the people would pay the taxes. On the other hand, if the answers were wrong, the people would not pay the taxes.” The king accepts the deal.
The majesty told the representative, “Give us forty days so the ministers would find the answers.” Forty days passed and the minister couldn’t find the answers.
Therefore, the ministers escaped the castle because they were afraid of king’s punishment.
After few days, they arrived in a green land. There, they met a man. After talking to him for few minutes, they asked his name. He said, “My name is Half Man Horn.” “They thought what a strange name!” One of the ministers asked him how you got such a name. He replied,” My name was Mansoor. I took the man out of my name Man-soor and called myself half man because I am very humble and down to earth. Then I took the last part of Man-soor ; soorwhich means trumpet and put horn instead. Finally, I put half man and horn together and as result, my name became Half Man Horn.”
The ministers talked among themselves and decided that he is a very knowledgeable man. The final decision was that they take the man to palace to answer the question from the representative.
After the ministers and the man arrived to the palace, they called the envoy to come and ask his questions. The challenge started in palace.
The representative draws a circle on the ground. Then, he asks the Half Man Horn, “Where is the center of earth?” The Half Man Horn says, “Right here.” Then the representative draws another circle on the ground. At that moment the half Man Horn draws a line in the circle. The representative puts an egg in the circle. The man puts an onion across from it.
The envoy gets up and says to the king, “Your people are cleverer than ours therefore, we pay the taxes.” The King asks the envoy, “What were the questions and answers?” He stated to the king, “I asked where the center of the earth is. He pointed to where he was standing. That is correct because the earth is round and anywhere on earth is the center. I drew a circle on the ground which meant that all the earth is only soil. He drew line in the circle which meant that only part of the earth is soil. Then I put an egg in the circle that meant the earth has only one layer. The man puts an onion across from it. The implication is that the earth has many layers.”
The king called in the Half Man Horn and congratulated him. He also gave him many gifts. At the same time, the king asked Half Man Horn, “What were the questions and answers?” He stated to the king, “He asked me where the center of earth is? I knew that he can’t measure the earth. So I said right here. He drew a circle, which meant my daily food is whole bread. I drew a line in the circle to show him that I only need a piece of bread to overcome my daily hunger. At last, he asks, “Do you eat egg with your bread?” I replied, “I only eat my bread with onion.”
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Oh,No said Elephant
Age Group:3+
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Language:German,  English
Publisher:minedition,  minedition
Abstract:All the animals want to play hide-and-seek, oh, no - Elephant asn't very good at that. He's too easy to find. What about leap-frog? He's not good at that either. What about hopscotch, or skipping, or tag?
No, no and no. Poor Elephant isn't very good at many games, and the animals are staring to get frustrated with him. Luckily there is one game Elephant loves to play, and the animals oblige him, though they may have to say oh, no themselves when he wants to play it again.
This rollicking, silly, repetitive text will have young readers laughing out loud and asking to read it again.
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Rich-Thinking stories
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Ofogh publishing
Abstract:A collection of 5 titles;
1.What happened to the bear?
Whoever saw the Simple Bear was not astounded by the look of him,
because he or she thought that same old tale again: Simple Bear has gone
out to devour a kid, and the kid has asked him the favour to sing. Then,
the shepherd heard the song, and with the sheep- dog, they attacked
Simple Bear, who succeeded having a narrow escape....
2.When did the rolling pumpkin return back?
As it's been told in the tale of The Rolling Pumpkin, to get back home,
the told woman has to pass a jungle. Therefore she hides in a pumpkin.
While rolling and rolling, the pumpkin passes right through the jungle,
and neither the lion, nor the tiger and the wolf can get her. The old
woman gets to her home, safe and nimble....
3.Where were the kids of the ringing bell goat?
Ringing –Bell Goat had left for the wilderness. After grazing among fresh
grass, and her mammas filled with fresh milk, she had returned to her
home, and she was by the door....
4.Who did auntie beetle marry?
Upon those ancient tales, the very first thing Auntie Beetle asked her
suitors was: After getting married, with what would you beat me?
Whenever being ready to get married, each Auntie Beetle leaves her place
to the city, hoping to become wife of Mash Ramadan, but on her way she
also discusses this issue with the other suitors, too....
5.How did the fox ate the stork s food?
One day, the cunning fox did invite the stork for lunch. He prepared a savory food,
but devised a trick so that the stork wouldn't get of it . He did serve it up at a tray
made of stone, which was fixed right in the center of his house, and he said to the
stork:Help yourself!...
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The Odds in Creation
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Abstract:About Animals
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The Story of the White Leopard
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Writer:Shojaei, Seyed Mehdi
Abstract:One day, without any explanation, the white leopard decides to leave the jungle and go to the town to live there among people in peace and quiet for the rest of his life. He is tired of being cruel and brutal.
On his way to the town, he meets some people who were passing by, he tries to show them that he is not dangerous and wants to make friends and to be nice and friendly with them. But soon he finds out that people can be even more dangerous than animals….
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The Story of Two Lonely Turtles
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Abstract:Language: Farsi and Italian Edition by Serendipita Due tartarughe sole`
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The Story Telling Bride
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
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