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Golmohammadi, Firoozeh

Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh

Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Grandir, France
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jingo jingo
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Nazar, Iran
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Maia Dreams
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Abstract:Its time to go to sleep and we wonder where our dreams will take us next.
As Maia falls inti this deep sleep she begins this incredible journey to a far away land. Where she encounters with her dog Baron these majestic animals like the great white elephant and Bengal tiger. She has an amazing adventure with them and discovers the many great treasures like the star ruby and the Bodhi tree.
This wonderful story is about the infinite possibilities which exit in our dreams.
As well as remembering that everything around us is alive.
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Prayer for Peace
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
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Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Return:Sarlak, Fereshteh
Writer:Sohrevardi, Shahabedin
Abstract:Samandar, the young chameleon lived in a bush at a hot land forest.
Every morning as the sun rose from behind the mountains, she came out of the bush, ran up the trees, then, ran down the trees and over the branches to wake up all animals of the forest.
“Let’s play hide and seek, Samandar,” said the armadillo.
“Let’s play ladder,” said the rabbit.
“Let’s fly,” said the birds singing joyously.
“Let’s dance,” said the cat.
And all this made the forest full of sounds and songs.
In the other corner of the forest, in a cave lived a group of fighting bats.
They escaped the sun since they thought the light will make them blind.
As evening arrived, the bats left the cave for bug hunting and before the sun comes up, they returned for a long sleep in the dark of the cave.
But the sounds and the songs of the forest aggravated the bats.
“You know,” said one of the bats, “it’s Samandar who brings all this to the forest. If we wish for a peaceful sleep, we have to get rid of her.”
One dark night, the bats caught Samandar and took her to their cave.
In the cave, they put Samandar in a jail.
“We teach you a good lesson, little chameleon,” said the bats.
They decided to take Samandar to a high mountain and leave her until the burning sun blinds her.
“Thank you dear bats!” Called out Samandar. “You put me even closer to my lovely sun.”
However, the fighting bats lost their sights in the burning sun and could not find their way back home.

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The Elephant in the Dark Room
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Ofogh, Iran
Abstract:Also in English by Katha, India.
Once Hindus brought an elephant for a show and put it into a dark house. Many came to have a sight of the beast. But since they couldn’t see it in the dark, they touched the elephant to guess what it is. One rubbed his palm against its trunk. “Oh”, he exclaimed: “It’s a hose!”
The other reached its ear and thought: “It must be a fan.”
The next one got hold of its leg and guessed: “Well, is should be a carved pillar.”
The one after touched its back and cried, “Hay, it’s a soft bed!”
It was on and on, and each one made a guess upon where they had touched the elephant.
Had they carried a candle, there would have been no disagreement among them.
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The Jackal who wished to Become a Peacock
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Nazar, Iran
Writer:Sarlak, Fereshteh
Abstract:and in German Language Der kleine schakal, der ein pfau sein wollte by Bohem peress.

In a forest there lived a jackal who liked to stroll into a little town nearby to find things to play with, or sometimes find something to put on.
On a winter day as he was on his usual promenade, he saw a group of peacocks flying around, their rain-bow colored feathers fluttering beautifully as they moved through the air.
The envious jackal thought to himself, “I wish I were a rainbow-feathered peacock. But how can I be?”
He thought and he thought and finally he found the answer:
“I know! he exclaimed, “ First I need to paint (color) my fur, then I need to practice flying. It’s easy! he thought.
When he reached town he found a paint shop and found a bucket of paint and began to paint his fur. “Oh! Don’t I look cute!” he boasted as he admired himself.
Happy with his colorful accomplishment, the jackal started to think about flying.
Then quickly he climbed to the top of a very tall tree. He closed his eyes and began to count, one, two, three, and the next thing he knew he was at the foot of the tree lying flat on the ground with a few, very painful injuries .
The poor hungry jackal, slowly creeping toward home, asked himself, “Why did I ever want to be a peacock?”
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The Merchant and the Parrot
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Ofogh, Iran
Abstract:Based on Rumi's tales
There was a merchant who kept a beautiful parrot in a cage. The parrot had a melodious voice. One day, the merchant decided to travel to India for a business. But before his leaving, he gathered all his servants and maids and asked them what they want as a souvenir from India. One by one they told of their requests until he came to the parrot. He asked the parrot if he had any message to send to his kinsmen in that country.
The parrot asked the generous merchant to send his greeting and tell them about his captivity in a cage since he believed that it is far beyond the deed of his faithful kinsmen to leave him alone.
The merchant promised o deliver his message, but…
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The Secret of the Tree
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Ofogh, Iran
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