Rahimzadeh, Pejman
Date of Birth:1349
Place of Birth:Tehran
  • He was born in 1970 in Tehran. He finished his primary education in the city of Lahijan, and in 1997, he received his Master of Arts degree in Visual Communication from The Art and Architecture branch of Azad University of Tehran. He started his professional career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 1994, and has contributed in creating more than 40 titles of children and young adult books, as well as designing and illustrating book and magazine covers. He is also an instructor of specialized academic illustration-related courses.
    A number of the book titles that he has illustrated, are as follows:
    Lunatic and the Well (Ofoq Publisher),
    Twenty Iranian Legends (Ofoq Publisher),
    Dotted Demon (Monadi Tarbiat Publishing Co.),
    Naneh Golaabi (Monadi Tarbiat Publishing Co.),
    Samak Ayyaar (Peydayesh Publication House),
    Mah Pishaani of Our Story (Monadi Tarbiat Publishing Co.),
    The King and the Gazelle (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults),
    Namakin (Shekoufeh Publishing),
    Crystal Chalice of the Sky (Monadi Tarbiat Publishing Co.),
    Friendship Does Not Vanish, Neither Does Enmity (Neyestan Publishing Co.).

    International Awards
    2002- Recipient of the honorary diploma of illustration; Asian Illustrators' Competition, Japan (BAIJ)
    2004- Recipient of the honorary diploma of illustration; International Competition of Books for Young Adults (IBBY)
    2013- Winner of first prize for book cover design; first biennial of literature festival of Kaam-e Yousef
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