Shojaei, Seyed Mehdi
Date of Birth:1960
Place of Birth:Tehran
  • Editor in Chief of magazine Roshde Jevan
  • Judge of some Film and Literature Festivals
  • Screenwriter
  • Director of Neyestan Publishing House
  • Seyyed Mehdi Shojaee differs with many of the Iranian authors in various aspects. He is among those rare and exceptional writers whose works guarantee the high acclaim of his great audience, looking forward to each book he writes and offers. This issue has been proved through the high reprint of his book throughout the past years. Though during the last 20 years he has written many short stories, plays, novels, literary pieces, screenplays, etc, his writings allure the book readers; maybe due to his magical pen. He knows just too well how to capture the words and turn them inside out in his works, regardless of the genre and theme of the book he publishes. As a result he is well-known and well adored, especially among a specific class of readers who interestingly very in age and taste. His frank audacity in expressing the social, religious, and political and various other issues in a subtle manner, has led him to such a high success. He has a unique style which is pleasant and also easy to follow; though at times his writing can make the reader ponder and go back to the writing several times in order to explore what he has really been reading about and discover the concealed layers of the work, slightly and one by one in the process of reading.

  • "Adults Book"
  • "Father, Love, Son"
  • "Stranded"
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