Golmohammadi, Feeroozeh
Place of Birth:Tehran
  • She was born in Tehran and studied art there. She is an internationally recognized artist and has had numerous exhibitions worlwide. She has also had over twenty books published.
    As a child she loved to climb trees and spend the day looking at the world from above. Feeroozeh Golmohammadi dreams of a place where people live together in harmoney, where borders have no meaning and where all living beings are equal.
  • Awards :
    2000-Runner up award in the Noma Concourse competition, UNESCO, Japan.
    2006-Gold medal, India.
    2006-seleted book, Octagon, France.
    2006-selected book, The white Ravens, Munich

  •  1996 "Encouragement Award"
  •  1998 "Second Prize "
  •  2000 "Runner up Award"
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