Salimeh Babakhan
Date of Birth:1986
Place of Birth:Qom
  • Salimeh Babakhan is an illustrator and picture books artist. She was born in Iran in 1986
  • and from her childhood years she has been in love with the wonderful world of painting and art.
  • She got her M.A. in illustration from Tehran University of Art and has published more than ten picture books so far.
  • Salimeh is one of the seven young illustrators in the inter-cultural project for producing quality picture books for Read with Me program (The Dialogue Between Two Diverse Worlds).
  • The project is being implemented since 2015 by Marit Törnqvist, the renowned Swedish-Dutch illustrator, as the art director, and also Zohreh Ghaeni, the acclaimed Iranian researcher and reading promoter.
  • Her cooperation with this project has resulted in the production of two books so far. She has created illustrations for the acclaimed and talented Hadi Mohammadi’s books, 18+2 Woodpeckers and The Color of Crow’s Dream.
  • Little Whale’s Big Dream is her first picture book that is written and illustrated by herself and published by TUTI Books in 2021 and will published on LEBNAN (Arabic Edition) Soon.
  • Salimeh creates artistic works with the hope that one day, all children would be safe from war and violence and experience peace and freedom in their lives. She sees art as a way for coping with life and overcoming troubles in the world such as inequality and human suffering...

  • "Her illustrations have won or been nominated in competitions such as Image of the Book, Golden Pen of Belgrade, Cow Festival, Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Little Hakka, Brightness Award; and have also been shown in exhibitions in several countries such as Iran, South Korea, United States, France, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, China and Russia."
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  • "– Winner at image of the book (International Illustration and Book Design Competition) 2020 & 2021 – Nominated at Golden Pen of Belgrade International Picture Book Award, 2021 – Finalist at BOLOGNA Children›s Book Fair, 2021 – Selected and exhibited at the COW ILLUSTRATION BIENNALE, 2020 – Winner of National Shonas Award, in Picture Book Section, 2020 – Nominated at Brightness International Picture Book Award, 2020 – Selected for the Brightness Illustration Monthly Award (Magazine), No 16 ,15 ,14 and 20. – Nominated at Little Hakka International Picture Book Award, China, 2019 – Appreciated at National Environmental Illustration Competition, Ahvvaz, IRAN, 2019 – Appreciated at the “I am too” illustration competition with the subject of Blood Donation, Tehran, Iran, 2017 – Chosen for the Fourth Mohtasham Art and Literature Award, Tehran, Iran, 2016 – Chosen for the Nafs Festival, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran, 2016 – Chosen for the in Honor of Spring (Illustration Exhibition), Farzad Gallery, Mashhad, 2016 – Chosen for the 6th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran, 2014 – Winner of the Second Ashura Mourning, Rasht Municipality, Iran, Iran, 2013 – Chosen for Expose Photo Festival, under the auspices of the FIAP, PSA, FZS, Slovenia, 2011 – Chosen for Scenic City of America Photo Festival (SCIPE) under the auspices of FIAP, American Photographic Association PSA, USA, 2010"
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