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The brilliant world of Tom Gates -Tom Gates 1

258 Pages
Age Group:9+
Author:Pichon, Liz
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Pichon, Liz
Prize: Roald Dahl Funny Prize
Publisher:scholastic,  Houpaa
Translator:Rajabi, Behrang
Abstract:“When my teacher, Mr Fullerman, doesn’t have his BEADY EYES on me, I like to draw pictures and write stories about stuff – like when we had the worst holiday ever (camping sucks), and when my parents came to school for parents’ evening (groan), and about how Marcus Meldrew is the most annoying boy in the world and how I don’t want to sit next to him in class. All I want to do is get tickets to see the best band ever, DUDE3, when they come to town. It’s not easy when I’m up against Delia, my weirdo big sister, and all my plans seem to get me into MAJOR TROUBLE.”
Tom Gates is a master of excuses, expert doodler, comic story writer extraordinaire – and the bane of his grumpy teacher Mr Fullerman’s life. And in his wacky journal of scribbles and silliness, you’ll find all sorts of comic craziness to make you groan with glee! Will Tom ever manage to get his homework in on time, avoid the rage of his teacher – AND impress Amy Porter, who sits next to him? Warning! Do not attempt to read this in public. You will snigger loudly!

The Champion & The Elephant

28 Pages
Illustrator:Jamshidi, Farhad
Publisher:Neyestan, Iran
Writer:Shojaei, Seyed Mehdi
Abstract:This is a story from ancient Iran ; tales of the braveries, courage, heroism and loyalty …
In this story there is a well- known champion whom everybody likes and respects, they like him not out of fear but because of his kindness , his devotion and his friendliness towards his people..
One day he has been invited to battle against an elephant, he refuses at first but he is forced to do it, in the end you find friendship between the two of them…
The paintings which accompany these stories are in old Persian Tea House Style.

The Chinese Decameron
Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Publisher:Buechergilde Publishing House, Germany

The Clever Mouse

16 Pages
Age Group:6+
Copy Right:English
Illustrator:Teymoorian, Anahita
Publisher:Tiny Owl – UK
Writer:Teymoorian, Anahita
Abstract:A delightful story about a mouse who is rather too pleased with his own cleverness ...but a bit of realising his own foolishness teaches him what he needs to learn in order to become wise and happy. A mousy love story that shows how kindness is more important than beauty.

The Cows of Ambitions

224 Pages
Publisher:Khaneye Adabiyat, Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:This novel depicts the villager's life, their misery, emotion and dreams.
People who live with their own culture and belief.
The main characters in this novel are a sibling; a sister and brother who are very affectionate towards each other ...

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