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The Orange Girl

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Shabani, Asad-allah
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:The king’s son has become big and strong and nobody is a match to him in horse riding and archery. But when he shoots and breaks an old woman’s oil bottle, she says to him: “I will not curse you since you’re the only child of the king, but I hope you fall in love with the Orange girl!” You may say “That’s a good thing! The prince is lucky!” but… They say that the Orange girl lives beyond the mountains in the magic land… Anyone that has gone there never returned…

The Osborne First Encyclopedia(Series books)

64 Pages
Age Group:8+
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:Mobtakeran, Iran
Abstract:This amazing book answers these and hundreds of other questions about the sciences of the human body, animals, our world...

The palace which is destroyed (The book of kings (Shah Nameh))

64 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaei, Kamal (Seyed Fazlolah)
Publisher:Panjareh, Iran
Writer:Seyed Abadi, Ali Asghar
Abstract:Zahak is a cruel king. Two snakes were grown on his shoulders because he has governed his country with cruelty. The snakes don't eat anything unless the brain of two young adults , every day.
Feridoon and Kaveh with a group of the brave men rebel against Zahak and triumph over him.

The Rainbow's Bride

48 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaei, Kamal (Seyed Fazlolah)
Publisher:Kanoon Parvaresh, Iran
Writer:Shafiee, Shahram
Abstract:This book is about the life story of Hazrate Fateme (Daughter of Prophet Mohammad). It depicts her life as a little girl until she gets married to Imam Ali. While reading her life story however, we understand that Before the advent of Islam, how Arabs buried their daughters alive considering them as a sign of disgrace. In this way, they deprived women of their due place.

The Sage Rabbit’s Anecdotes

139 Pages
Illustrator:Keyvan Akbari
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:Once upon a time there was a rabbit lived in a tiny cottage in the land of Rabbits.
He was just a poor farmer, nothing but skin and bones. Like many others in that land, he was working hard from dawn till dusk on the farms of a very cruel wicked king. At nights half grumbling to himself, half asleep he was feeling that one thing was certain ; something should be done for making his life better…

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