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Author:Jafar TouzandehJani
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:Luck is a short, informative, useful common cultural story that revolves around the life of a man who complains about his life and luck. Therefore, he decides to visit luck and ask him why he is so miserable?

Believe Me, I’m not an Egret!

28 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Hosein Ghorbani
Illustrator:Mahnaz Soleimannezhad
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:This story is a recreation of a fable originally written in “Kalila and Demna”, an ancient book with Indian roots. In the original story, an old egret tricks the fish into thinking that they are being taken to a safe lake, but they are in fact becoming theses the remaining fish bones while riding on his back. He then returns and informs egret’s food. Until one day, the crab also asks the egret to take him to the lake and the others. Children to think about and question what they hear.

A Wanderer without a Sun

136 Pages
Age Group:+10
Author:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Illustrator:Hassan Amehkan
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Rights Sold:Korean
Abstract:Booman is an eleven-year-old Afghan boy whose home was bombarded by the Taliban. His mother and grandmother, the only survivors of his family, insisted on sending him to Iran Tobe safe. Therefore, the sweet delicate world of his childhood replaces with terror and violence, blood and anger, hardship and darkness. He is a young witness to the cruelties of the adults of his time.


38 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Atousa Salehi
Illustrator:Nooshin Safakhoo
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:And the story of Zahhak is one of the first stories of Shahnameh. Zahhak is the story of a good-natured human being who falls into the trap of the devil and gradually becomes an evil-doer. Zahhak is one of the few myths whose hero is not a hero forever, he makes mistakes like ordinary people, and on the other hand, ordinary people in his story do heroic deeds.

Who knows Mr. Pink?

24 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Dalvand, Reza
Illustrator:Dalvand, Reza
Publisher:Ofogh publishing
Rights Sold:Swedish,  Turkish
Abstract:When I can’t fall asleep at noon, I look out the window. There’s always a grey sky beyond the window. With a few more grey buildings. But I saw something strange that day. A Pink Man!

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