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Mr. Frog

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Khoraman, Mostafa
Copy Right:Chinese
Illustrator:Khoraman, Sarah
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:Mr. Frog has a magic stick and can make any wishes come true. Some frogs wish to be big and strong while others wish to be small, so they can creep inside any holes. Now it is Mr. Frog’s turn to fulfill his wishes stick and fulfill the wishes. Three, two, and one…! There you are!

First, ladybird wishes to be a hundred times bigger. Then, the turtle wants to be smaller. And some animals want to stay the way they are.

Follow along to see what happens next!

Mr. kwind
Age Group:+7
Author:Masoud Gharebaghi
Illustrator:Masoud Gharebaghi
Rights Sold:World Rights Available
Abstract:Mr Kwind is a well-known man in the city, sometimes though, he thinks of himself a big
as his name and annoys others with his pride. To celebrate his reputation, he makes a
beautiful sign for his home. A passing-by playful breeze sees this magnificent piece and
steals the first letter of his name. He gets enraged, seeing that his favourite part of the
sign is stolen. He looks all over the place and everywhere in the city but finds nothing
and gets even angrier realizing that nobody knows him anymore. Seething with anger,
he searches for his name everywhere and goes from side to side like the wind to find
it. Up until he turns into the wind, a severe and angry wind! He goes out of the town to
find his name. Beyond the farms, mountains, rivers and jungles, he reaches the lost
names› land. He finds some names far elegant, glamorous and greater than his, yet
lost. Surprised by this fact, he leaves his name behind and gets back to his hometown
to find a way to get the people to memorize and love him without knowing his name.

Muter, Vater, ich und sie ...!

116 Pages
Age Group:9+
Author:Schubiger, Jurg
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:Beltz & Gelberg,  Iranban
Translator:Moghadas, Elham

My Annoying Brother

36 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Saberi, Babak
Illustrator:Mahsa Hedayati
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:The story takes an interesting turn when the older brother leaves to fight in a war. Everything then changes around the house and the boy begins to understand what his brother really means to him.
“My Annoying Brother” helps children to understand and appreciate the true value behind the things that may seem not to carry a significant value at the time.

My Friend the Spider / Mi amiga Araña
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Saberi, Babak
Language:Spanish (Latin America )
Publisher:Koodakan Publishing House, Iran
Abstract:The book tells the story of the Prophet trip from Mecca to Medina during which he had to hide in a cave. The Prophet (PBUH) had hidden himself in the cave for three days while pagans were in search of him everywhere. Spiders covered the cave entrance with their web and pigeons laid eggs there. Whoever saw the scene would think that it was not passed by anyone for years and the cave looked empty of all creatures.

By focusing on the talks and efforts of the spider and the pigeons to rescue the best person of the world, the story attempts to distance itself from the religious structure, and in so doing, it has succeeded to illustrate a beautiful portrait of the Prophet (PBUH) for children and teenagers.

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