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28 Pages
Age Group:4+
Author:Kuhlmann, Torben
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Kuhlmann, Torben
Publisher:Houpaa Books,  NordSüd
Translator:Zabihi, Rahil

Maybe They Come From Another Planet

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Shojaei, Seyed Ali
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Yeganeh Yaqoubnejad
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Abstract:The story of some of people in different society, they are used to take advantages and cheat on others even their friends and colleagues by putting their hands into other's pocket.


48 Pages
Age Group:4+
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:Memo,  Mobtakeran, Iran
Translator:Sepehr, Roxana

Mice, Cats and the Remnants of Friends

36 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Shojaei, Seyed Ali
Illustrator:Sara Mayari,  Narges Ziyani
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Rights Sold:Turkish
Abstract:In this story, Shojaei has creatively embellished the humorous language of the work. Moreover, the use of humorous language can be considered as his technique as a writer to maintain the structure and spirit of this work. Also, Shojaei, by pointing out that this story of Obaid Zakani should not be considered as a merely humorous story, has tried to decipher what Obaid intended by composing this long story with all allusions and its intertextuality.

Mir Space Station

103 Pages
Publisher:Markaz Publishing House ( Maryam Books)
Writer:Razeghpanah, Violet
Abstract:Originally written in Persian Languge, this book has been awarded UNESCO First Prize of Children and Young Adults Literature for Peace and Tolerance for the year 2001.

Together with other young adults from different nations, Abtin, a young man from Iran is invited to Moscow to receive training as a visiting cosmonaut. They all travel to the space station Mir.
Looking down upon the earth, they understand the uniqueness of their planet, but also the threat posed by environmental pollution. They also realize that they can no longer make out any national boundaries- the world is one and undivided from up here. This experience arouses the desire for peace and international understanding in these young people. The author combines the message of her story with a well-researched portrayal of life on board of the space station Mir.

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