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The whipping boy

161 Pages
Age Group:9+
Author:Fleishman, Sid
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Javdani, Maryam
Prize: Newbery Medal
Publisher:Houpaa,  Greenwillow Books
Translator:NoushAmini, Nasrin
Abstract:Award-winning author Sid Fleischman blends the broadly comic with the deeply compassionate in this memorable novel, winner of the Newbery Medal.

A Prince and a Pauper . . . Prince Brat and his whipping boy inadvertently trade places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. The two boys have nothing in common and even less reason to like each other. But when they find themselves taken hostage after running away, they are left with no choice but to trust each other. A rollicking tale of adventure and mistaken identity . . . . Robust scenes and characters are vividly evoked.—Kirkus Reviews

This briskly told tale of high adventure, taut with suspense and rich with colorful characters, was named an ALA Notable Book. Sid Fleischman's celebrated novel features brief, action-packed chapters and includes black-and-white illustrations by Caldecott Honor artist Peter Sís. An 18th century tale about the escapades of a resourceful orphan and a spoiled young prince. . . . Full of adventure, suspense, humor, and lively characters.—The New York Times

There's Room for Everyone

36 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Teymoorian, Anahita
Copy Right:London, UK
Illustrator:Teymoorian, Anahita
Language:English (UK)
Publisher:Tiny Owl – UK
Abstract:A child grows and discovers the world.As he lies awake at night, he sees there's enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon.When he visits the ocean, he sees there is enough for all the fish, even for the whales.As he goes up, he doesn't understand why people fight for space.Surly, if we are kinder to one another, there will always be room for everyone? This is a beautiful and profound picture book- a testament of our time and a touching allegory for war and the refugee crisis. This young child's reflection carry a profound message of peace and tolerance.

Three Equal Parts

12 Pages
Illustrator:Nobahar, Afra
Publisher:Shokoofeh Books,Amirkabir, Iran
Writer:Keshavarzi Azad, Marjan
Abstract:once upon a time, there were a mouse, a sparrow and an ant which lived in a forest.
One day the mouse found a bunch of wheat, and divided into three equal parts and gave each of its friend their share...

Three Fairies and the Moon

16 Pages
Publisher:Shokoofeh Books,Amirkabir, Iran
Writer:Keshavarzi Azad, Marjan
Abstract:Once upon a time, three little fairies lived on three stars, near the moon.
The three fairies came down on earth early in the mornings to help anyone who needed their help.
Then at night time, they went to the moon and told him about their good deeds.
And the moon allowed the one who had done the best and greatest job of all to sleep on his lap and swing there.
One night, the three fairies sat beside the moon; to tell him about the good jobs they had done that day. But no matter how long the moon waited, none of them said a word. The moon said; Well, tell me something!
Have they down some good jobs on that day , will they be able to sleep on the Moon's lap?

Tippler And The Crow

32 Pages
Age Group:4+
Author:Afsaneh Shabannejad
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Mohammad Hosein Matak(Mason)
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:“Tippler and the Crow” is an Old Iranian folktale that takes on the concept of being careful and thinking ahead of time, so as to not regret the consequences. Helping each other in times of need is another theme of the story since no one should get through their problems alone.

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