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56 Pages
Age Group:12+
Illustrator:Dalvand, Reza
Publisher:Éditions courtes et longues
Rights Sold:Farsi
Abstract:Saʿdī Shīrāzī, was a major Persian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. He has been quoted in the Western traditions as well. Bustan is considered one of the 100 greatest books of all time according to The Guardian.

Gypsy's Songs

32 Pages
Illustrator:Tavakoli, Haleh
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:Gypsies or travelers left India in eleventh century AD., migrating west to Iran and the Arabian peninsula.
They developed a reputation for nomadic life style and a highly insular culture. Much of what is known about the culture comes through stories told by singers and oral histories .
They have passed these songs down the generations considering the four essential elements in nature ...

Half Man Horn

32 Pages
Age Group:5+
Author:Seyed Mehdi Shojaei
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Rights Sold:Chinese
Abstract:Long ago there lived a king who collected taxes from his people under his ruling territories. One day one of the region’ representative asks the king to make a deal; he suggests to raise some questions to the ministers, if they were able to answer them, then the people would pay the taxes, if not then people would be free to pay the taxes! The king accepted the deal and called his ministers to go and find the answers…

Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Publisher:Piper Publishing House, Germany,  Odile Publishing House, France


50 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Stamm, Peter
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Binder, Hannes
Publisher:Atlantis,  Koodakan Publishing House, Iran
Translator:HasanzadehPashang, Soheila

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