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The Mother

28 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Iraj Mirza
Illustrator:Hadadi, Hoda
Publisher:Mirmah Co.
Abstract:Is a famous Persian poem by Iraj Mirza, 1874-1926
This short poem is a beautiful description of what a mother do to raise a child.

The Legend of the Young Archer

29 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Hamidreza Shahabadi
Illustrator:Nooshin Safakhoo
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Translator:Mahmood Mohaqeq
Abstract:There is an annual arrow shooting contest in which the winner is awarded a precious golden ball. Rad tends to compete with Toofan who is the top-winner for years. An old man called Naseem (Breeze), the great master of archery teaches him how to shoot. But, before participating in any archery exercises, he must learn three main lessons. Turning to a master in archery, on the day of the great archery competition, something eccentric happens.

You Are an Explorer

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Shahrzad Shahrjerdi
Illustrator:Ghazal Fathollahi
Publisher:TUTI Books
Rights Sold:Turkish,  Spanish,  Dutch
Abstract:“The Explorer” is a brief take on the devastating issue of war, refugees, and asylum seekers. A story about the people – particularly kids - who have become victims to the ugliness of war and yet pursue their right to a better future.

Red Fish, Gold Fish

24 Pages
Age Group:12+,  5+
Author:Ahmadreza Ahmadi
Illustrator:Hassan Mousavi
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Abstract:The story deals with what love is and what life is for. The red fish
and the golden fish are in love with each other and live side by side,
but the golden fish is forced to leave home. The story narrates the
adventures of the red fish searching for her love and what she finds
out about love and life.

Mice, Cats and the Remnants of Friends

36 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Shojaei, Seyed Ali
Illustrator:Sara Mayari,  Narges Ziyani
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Rights Sold:Turkish
Abstract:In this story, Shojaei has creatively embellished the humorous language of the work. Moreover, the use of humorous language can be considered as his technique as a writer to maintain the structure and spirit of this work. Also, Shojaei, by pointing out that this story of Obaid Zakani should not be considered as a merely humorous story, has tried to decipher what Obaid intended by composing this long story with all allusions and its intertextuality.

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