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Pistazien & Rosenduft

219 Pages
Illustrator:Wolfsgruber, Linda
recipe by:Hayeri Yazdi, Lili

Playing from the Heart

Age Group:5+
Author:Peter H.Reynolds
Illustrator:Peter H.Reynolds
Publisher:Shahrtash Publishing
Abstract: play properly. Raj learns notes, then scales, then songs, and finally classical pieces that his father can recognize and be proud of.
However, the more Raj practices and the more skilled he becomes, the less he enjoys playing- until he grows up and stops playing altogether. But when his father becomes ill and requests that Raj play for him, will Raj remember how to play from the heart?
An evocative story from Peter H. Reynolds about how a father and son connect through the language
of music.

Prinzessin Sharifa und der mutige Walter

32 Pages
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Publisher:Baobab Verlag , Switzerland - Neyestan
Text:Richter, Anne
Translator:Hassanein, Mahmoud
Abstract:Much is different in this book. It can be read from right to left, or from left to right, in German or in Arabic. Two ancient stories from the Arab and from the Western worlds meet in the middle: the story of Sharifa, the fearless princess, and that of Walter, Wilhelm Tell's son.
Intrepid Sharifa wants to see the country that hasn't got any women. In a fit of anger King Hamed bin Bathara, the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom, banned all women – except for his mother – from the country. Sharifa disguises herself as prince Sharif and risks her life to pay a visit to the kingdom of men. The king mistrusts the beautiful visitor. In an attempt to find out his guest's secret he sets her three tasks. But brave and clever Sharifa knows how to deal with them.
The legend of Wilhelm Tell, in turn, is well-known. But what happens when the quintessential European story about bravery and freedom is read and interpreted in today's Egypt? The emphasis shifts, and son Walter takes centre stage.

This book is a co-operation between Baobab Books and Theater Schnawwl in Mannheim (Germany), and has been produced as a bi-lingula production in German and Arabic.The two stories were the centre of a theatre co-operation between Schnawwl in Germany and the Egyptian organisation I-act in 2012/13.


32 Pages
Age Group:9+
Author:Saberi, Babak
Illustrator: Al Aseel ,Loujaina
Publisher:Koodakan Publishing House, Iran
Abstract:In Ramadan it is nice to explain to our kids that we often take things for granted. Whether it's the delicious sweets we eat or something as simple as the water we drink, we become conscious of all that we have.This also reminds us of those who, every other day, aren't as fortunate as we are, fostering feelings of compassion and empathy. It explains that Ramadan is a month of peace and understanding...

Red Fish, Gold Fish

24 Pages
Age Group:12+,  5+
Author:Ahmadreza Ahmadi
Illustrator:Hassan Mousavi
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Abstract:The story deals with what love is and what life is for. The red fish
and the golden fish are in love with each other and live side by side,
but the golden fish is forced to leave home. The story narrates the
adventures of the red fish searching for her love and what she finds
out about love and life.

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