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A Forest for Everyone

21 x 21cm
36 Pages
Age Group:6+
Illustrator:Abbasi, Nazanin
Publisher:TUTI Books
Writer:Abbasi, Nazanin
Abstract:Everything goes well in nature until the day when a human, a woodcutter comes into the forest. He wants to build a house for himself and with that in mind, he winds up destroying the houses of the squirrel, the fox, the woodpecker, the hippo and other animals. But a flood ends up carrying his house away.

The animals lose their homes and are sad and the man loses his home and all his possessions in the flood. The animals have compassion for him and he realizes his mistake. He comes to realize in fact, that the forest is for everyone; for the squirrel, the fox, the woodpecker, the bear and for humans too.

This picture book is a unique combination of art forms which takes a look at environmentalism through the art of Origami in illustration, scene design, and photography that is able to narrate the story without prose. The group cooperation of the illustrator, Origamist, and photographer in creating this work is truly praiseworthy. The illustrations come to life and depict understanding that gets the reader thinking. When the woodcutter considers rebuilding his home, the animals in nature show him compassion, welcome him in and help him. The use of Origami in attractive, vibrant colors gives this book its distinctive character. 50 pages, B age-group suitable.

A Mess

24 Pages
Age Group:8+
Illustrator:Goldouzian, Alireza
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Writer:Katbi, Sorour
Abstract:This story is about a cook goat and
a tree.The goat cooked near the tree and the tree
didn’t like the mess and the noise.The cook goat decided to find a
solution for this problem.So he talked to the tree and asked him if he
has every been admired and appreciated....

A Pair of Glasses for the Dragon

189 Pages
Age Group:6+
Publisher:Markaz Publishing House ( Maryam Books)
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:If someday , somewhere like a cave , a plain or a mountain , you meet a dragon which has a pair og glasses on , you can be sure that it is the same last dragon on earth . And the glasses is the one I could find for it . Please don't run away from it because it has a very warm heart and ...

A Promenade in Golestan

12 Pages
Age Group:6+
Publisher:Khaneye Adabiyat, Iran
Abstract:free adaptation of series of Saadi Shirazi’s Golestan Stories for children by Negin Ehtesabian

A Wanderer without a Sun

136 Pages
Age Group:+10
Author:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Illustrator:Hassan Amehkan
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Rights Sold:Korean
Abstract:Booman is an eleven-year-old Afghan boy whose home was bombarded by the Taliban. His mother and grandmother, the only survivors of his family, insisted on sending him to Iran Tobe safe. Therefore, the sweet delicate world of his childhood replaces with terror and violence, blood and anger, hardship and darkness. He is a young witness to the cruelties of the adults of his time.

Books 6 to 10 of 182    Pages:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >
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