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Giraffe Meal with Turtle Salad

36 Pages
Age Group:4+
Author:Dalvand, Reza
Copy Right:Japanese
Illustrator:Dalvand, Reza
Prize:Oshima grand Prize
Publisher:Oshima Museum,  TUTI Books
Abstract:A little girl does not like spaghetti. When she sees that mother has made spaghetti for dinner, she sulks and leaves the table. Doesn’t mother know that she doesn’t like spaghetti and salad? But mother says, “These dishes are not really spaghetti and salad!”

In this story, mother uses her creativity and imagination in the art of decorating and presenting food in appetizing animal shapes to delight her child.

Golden Bird

32 Pages
Illustrator:Gharibpour, Behzad
Language:Kurdish,  Farsi
Publisher:Kanoon Parvaresh, Iran
Writer:Karimzadeh, Manouchehr
Abstract:Once, an old bird hunter went to the wood to open-up his trap. He came across a golden bird captured in his snare. He seized the bird and put it in his pouch. Suddenly, the bird began to converse with the hunter and said: “Hey man, I have four chickens waiting to be fed by me. Make me free and I promise to fulfill your wishes instead whatever they are.
The old man replied, “I’m tired of living in a ruined mill, and I really wish I could get rid of this misery to live forever with my wife in a very clean house”.
The golden bird said, “Let me free, so I will make your wishes come true.” The old man let the bird go.
The golden bird took the old man and his wife to a very beautiful villa near the sea and the wood with a great view and provided all they needed to be comfortable there.
The old man and his wife became so happy because their lives had changed in a day, but it was not long before the wife wanted to ask for something more…

Granny, you're getting smaller!

64 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Inka Pabst
Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Publisher:Koodakan Publishing House, Iran
Translator:Ali Abdollahi
Abstract:Inka Pabst wrote a little story about saying goodbye, which goes to the heart and that you really want to pass on.

Gypsy's Songs

32 Pages
Illustrator:Tavakoli, Haleh
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:Gypsies or travelers left India in eleventh century AD., migrating west to Iran and the Arabian peninsula.
They developed a reputation for nomadic life style and a highly insular culture. Much of what is known about the culture comes through stories told by singers and oral histories .
They have passed these songs down the generations considering the four essential elements in nature ...

Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Publisher:Piper Publishing House, Germany,  Odile Publishing House, France

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