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A Promenade in Golestan

12 Pages
Publisher:Khaneye Adabiyat, Iran
Abstract:free adaptation of series of Saadi Shirazi’s Golestan Stories for children by Negin Ehtesabian

A promise is apromise

40 Pages
Age Group:4+
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Eve Tharlet
Publisher:minedition,  Mobtakeran, Iran
Translator:Narenjiha, Mandana,  SobhaniTehrani, Hessam


32 Pages
Age Group:5+
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Dalvand, Reza
Publisher:Fatemi Pub
Writer:Ebrahimi, Payam
Abstract:For many generations, everyone in Abtin’s family was a champion of one sports or another. But he has no resemblance to the rest of his family. He was neither an athletic, nor even liked to be one. His family was totally disappointed with him, specially his dad. He tried very hard to turn his son to a champion, but Abtin has his own way to make the family proud!

Adventures of a Letter

32 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaee, Seyed Hesamedin
Publisher:Neyestan, Iran
Writer:Shojaei, Seyed Mehdi
Abstract:This story is about the letter from Prophet Mohammad to the king of Persia to convert him to Islam. In this letter Prophet Mohammad asks him to prevent cruelty and injustice towards people. The Prophet's kind approach makes a great affect in the king…

An umbrella with white butterflies

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Hassanzadeh, farhad
Copy Right:Chinese
Illustrator:Bigdalou, Ghazaleh
Publisher:Fatemi Pub
Abstract:There are two hours left before the arrival of the new year, and everyone is trying to finish up last minute errands in the hustle and bustle of cars in the street and people carrying goldfish home for their Haft Seen Tables. Ardalan wants to get his hair cut. Atousa is ringing the doorbell at the seamstress, to pick up her new dress. The florist’s son and daughter walk down that alley to bypass the crowds and get home to their Haft Seen Table in time for the new year festivities.

Books 11 to 15 of 149    Pages:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >
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