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The Porter Turned Fortune Teller

28 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Mehdi Hajvani
Illustrator:Kheiriyeh, Rashin
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:A Porter’s wife insists that he leave his job and become a fortune teller instead. He gets lucky by making two predictions that later come true, and so he is chosen as the governor’s personal fortune teller; but this is only the beginning of his story…
“The Porter Turned Fortune Teller” is an old folktale revolving around the consequences of being untruthful.

The Moon and the Fox

28 Pages
Age Group:5+
Author:Teymoorian, Anahita
Illustrator:Teymoorian, Anahita
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Rights Sold:Japanese,  Italian,  Complex Chinese,  Chinese (Simplified)
Abstract:The little fox loves the moon very much. One night the fox takes the moon from the sky and puts it into its den. The moon is silent and just shines. Thinking it is sad, the little fox tries to cheer it up but fails. Gradually, the moon gets bigger, and in the end it grows too big to fit in the den. Finally, the little fox discovers how to make it happy.

The Millstone

24 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Saberi, Babak
Illustrator:Hassan Amehkan
Publisher:Koodakan Publishing House, Iran
Abstract:A quail went to the mill and said: “O’ millstone, would you please cut the corn kernels into small pieces? The chicks cannot eat the big ones!”
“sure”; The millstone replied. The quail filled her bag with small pieces of corn kernels and left.
Henna-feather hen said: “O’ millstone, my feathers became pale. Please grind the henna leaves for me if it is possible. I want to dye them to have brightly colored feathers.”

The Little Elephant

28 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi
Illustrator:Solmaz Joshaghani
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Abstract:Seeing the birds in the sky, the little elephant always loved to have wings in a way that he thought his big ears were wings and mistakenly grew on his head! So he asks the giraffe for help. Eventually, the tailor monkey gives him a hand! He cuts off his ears and sews them on his back! But, does it work? Of course, something was wrong.

The King and the Moon

Age Group:8+
Author:Parvin Panahi
Illustrator:Pedram Kazerouni
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:The King and the Moon is the story of a king who is afraid of the moon; Because his palace is by the sea and at every tide he worries that the water will take away his glorious palace. The soldiers said, Sir, isn't it better to take our palace a little further back? The king got angry and answered: Why should we? Who has ever heard a king retreat? The sea must retreat.” The soldiers replied: It is not the fault of the sea! The moon is responsible for this event!” So, the king looked for various ways to get rid of the moon!

Books 31 to 35 of 151    Pages:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >
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