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Die Zahnmonsterparty

30 Pages
Age Group:5+
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:minedition,  Mobtakeran, Iran
Translator:SobhaniTehrani, Hessam,  Narenjiha, Mandana

Don't look now. Book 1: Falling For It & The Kangapoo Key Ring

277 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Jennings, Paul
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:Allen & Unwin,  Houpaa
Abstract:Book 1 in the fantastic four-book series about taking risks and flying high. A unique collaboration from children's book legend Paul Jennings and brilliant cartoonist Andrew Weldon.
Ricky is an ordinary boy, who dreams of being famous. And he has a secret that might just help him realise his dream. Because Ricky can fly. Truly. He can really fly. But there's a hitch. He can only fly when absolutely no one is looking. If a person, an animal or a bird sees him while he's flying, he will fall out of the sky and almost certainly die. But Ricky is desperate. Will he risk flying in public, just for a shot at fame?
The first two stories in a brilliant series presented in words and pictures by master story tellers Paul Jennings and Andrew Weldon. Don't Look Now will have readers laughing out loud at Ricky and his hilarious adventures - on and off the ground.

Einer für alle- alle für einen

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Copy Right:Farsi
Publisher:Mobtakeran, Iran,  minedition
Translator:SobhaniTehrani, Hessam,  Narenjiha, Mandana


28 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Saberi, Babak
Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Abstract:A tiny bird becomes a friend of a huge elephant.
A young bird tells her mother bird-see, the size of our shadow is the same...same! What will any mother is this world say to this? This is a story of friendship between a crow and an elephant.

Emperor Potato the 4th

179 Pages
Illustrator:Seda Civan
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:In this story the Emperor Potato battles with dirty creatures which are destroying the natural environment .
How the Emperor Potato in his heroic battle wins overthese uninvited creatures in the subject of this story ...

Books 26 to 30 of 148    Pages:   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  >
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