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Rostam & Sohrab

36 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaei, Kamal (Seyed Fazlolah)
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Rewritten:Ebrahimi, Jafar
Abstract:Rostam and Sohrab is the name of story in the book of the kings Shahnameh; the national epic of Iran written by Ferdosi; a highly revered Persian poet. Rakhsh is the name of Rostam's horse. Rakhsh is taken captive by the king of Samangan and taken to the city. Rostam goes to the palace in search of his horse. Suddenly he meets Tahmine; the king's daughter and falls in love with her.They get married and their son is born. His name is Sohrab. Rostam have to leave his family. Sohrab often thinks of his father since he couldn't have seen him at all! Finally they see each other …., however this event is the most sorrowful tragedy in the book of the kings which finishes with Sohrab's death.

Saint Maria

408 Pages
Publisher:Neyestan Books
Theme:Runaway,  Mass media,  Friendship,  Adolescence
Writer:Shojaei, Seyed Mehdi
Abstract:This book is a collection of short stories written in a clear and concise style by an author with a strong commitment to his society.
By using a thematic approach, he deals with the adolescent emotional and psychological world (their worries, e. g. loneliness, longing, joys, sorrows, moments of mourning, etc.) with great sensitivity.
He is able to conquer the complexes of modern youth through lyrical emotionality, and convey the belief that real quest takes place within one’s self. intense dense, atmospheric panorama, leads the reader to an exact and empathetic view of the figures, their lives and feelings.
He is a distinguished Iranian author and novelist who is mostly famous for his short stories, which are well known in contemporary Iranian literature. In addition to them, he has also written 5 plays, 10 scenarios and 25 children’s books, so far. He received a Golden Medal in 1999, at “The 1st National Festival of 20 Years of Story Writing”.

Sam’s Fear of Night

36 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Teymoorian, Anahita
Illustrator:Teymoorian, Anahita
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Rights Sold:Chinese (Simplified)
Abstract:Little Sam is frightened of darkness and he has problem going to sleep when the light goes off! At the bedtime usually his parents tell him a story until he gets sleepy.
But as soon as they are gone, little Sam becomes fearful again and thinks that there are lots of monsters and big creatures in his room.
He could only sleep when the night ends and the sun appears.
Till one night, a horrible thing happens, there is no power and everywhere is dark.
He goes to kitchen to find a candle. When he lit the candle, all of a sudden he realizes that the monsters are nothing but the shadows of the things around him ...., then he is not afraid of the nights anymore.


32 Pages
Age Group:+10
Author:Fereshteh Golmohammadi
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Firoozeh
Publisher:Alhadaek group
Abstract:SAMANDAR, the young chameleon in a bush at a hot land forest. Every mornings as the sun rises from behind the mountains, she comes out of the bush, run up the trees, then run down the trees and over the branches to wake up all animals of the forest.

Seven Dreams of the Crow

24 Pages
Illustrator:Riahi, Nafiseh
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:Seven Dreams of the Crow is story of a crow who wants to be unique from his kind. Living in his utopian fantasy, he intends to view the universe differently every time he starts describing it. Therefore, his perspective is dissolved in infiniteness of heavenly achromatism.

Being free from any ideological and sublunary confinements in the heavenly achromatism, the crow transcends linearity and become infinite.

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