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The Cows of Ambitions

224 Pages
Publisher:Khaneye Adabiyat, Iran
Writer:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:This novel depicts the villager's life, their misery, emotion and dreams.
People who live with their own culture and belief.
The main characters in this novel are a sibling; a sister and brother who are very affectionate towards each other ...

The Daughter of Pomegranate

28 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi
Illustrator:Neda Rastin Mehr
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Rights Sold:Dutch
Abstract:The daughter of Pomegranate is the story of a girl who has lost
her grandmother and could not believe in her absence. She didn’t know why the grandma’s house became empty. So, she searched everywhere and took care of her grandma’s cane. As the seasons passed, she gradually realizes the reason… But how?

The Day My Dad was Lost

32 Pages
Author:Afsaneh Sanei
Illustrator:Afsaneh Sanei
Abstract:Hadn’t you asked yourself where your dad went every day when you were a child? “At work “for sure.But what is at work or what it likes can have no clear answer for a little girl.This picture book shows a little girl with a big question: “where does my dad go every day?” she follows her dad to find out a good answer, but she loses track of him. A big polar bear finds her and helps her to find her home and also a good answer for her important question.

The Day that Chickens Walked on their Heads

24 Pages
Illustrator:Akram, Hamid Reza
Publisher:Shokoofeh Books,Amirkabir, Iran
Writer:Yar Mohammadi, Anita
Abstract:I am an unlucky chick! My left wing was strained this morning and for a while I have to do all my works with my other wing! I can't move a bit because my body hurts a lot and I have many wounds. My head is aching terribly and I feel it is so heavy that it might just roll on my neck and then right onto the ground!
This morning I made a lot of effort to get myself out of Mama Chick's wings. I was rubbing my puffed eye when I saw the sparrow's little ones. They were sitting in a row on a tree branch.
Mama Sparrow had opened her wings and as she was slowly flapping them up and down, she was telling her little ones :… Up, down,… Up, down .., then keep your feet together and just fly.
I was wide-eyed in surprise. The five little sparrows had not gone any further than the top of the tree trunk until yesterday. But now one by one they jumped in the sky flapping their wings up and down.
I was very excited. I was so excited that I forgot to wash my face! I hurriedly climbed up the large steps of the rooftop. It took a long time to reach the edge of the roof. When I looked down, I felt my head is dizzy and I panicked. But then I remembered the sparrows that had just jumped and so I kept my head up. I straightened up and shouted: Mama Chicken! Come and see what I have learned!
I saw our house; it was beautiful from up there. But as I said in the beginning; I am an unlucky chick! Because just when I begun flying I lost my balance and I twirled and swirled and circled so much that at the end I fell down on my left wing and fainted, then...

The Edge of the Cliff

96 Pages
1- 779- 506- 034- 978
Author:Bayrami, Mohammadreza
Publisher:Sooreye Mehr, Iran
Abstract:The story is about a really poor family in a small cold village. Father died and they are not able to feed the old family horse anymore, so mother decides to sell the horse to the rich bad guy, who feeds his dogs with cheap olds horses. The main character, the boy, who loves their horse, doesn’t let it happen. In the end, they decide to free the horse far away, so if he could feed himself, he would pass the winter and stay alive. It is a tragic-realistic story about the tough life of poor Kurdish people, written for young adults.

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