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The Hungry Mouse

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Afsaneh Shabannejad
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:“The Hungry Mouse” is an Old Iranian folktale that revolves around greed. It helps children to understand that although “wanting more” is not necessarily a bad thing, it should not turn into greed and hurting others.

The Hunter’s Son

40 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Reza Mozouni
Illustrator:Mitra Abdollahi
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:According to this story, the hunter’s son goes to the mountains in heavy snow to fight the winter. By placing a large stone on his shoulder, he throws the rock on the ground to get rid of the winter. So, the spring wakes up. Kurdish people believe that the snow melts in the second half of February every year as a result of his deed.

The Illiterate Mr. Mouse’s Letters

Author:Sepideh Khalili
Illustrator:Hamideh Khosravian
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:Mr. mouse doesn’t know how to read and write. Once he was walking in the forest, he encounters Ms. Mouse. The illiterate mouse decides to console her by writing a letter after eating a piece of her book! Because he could not read or write, he turned to other animals to write letters. They edited the text of the letter according to their wishes and living conditions until the illiterate mouse realized and made a decision.

The Journey of the Apple

Publisher:Fasle Panjom, Iran
Writer:Almasi, Mehdi
Abstract:A ballad that tells the tale of mystical growth through the stages an apple seed is turned into an apple.

The King and the Moon

Age Group:8+
Author:Parvin Panahi
Illustrator:Pedram Kazerouni
Publisher:Madreseh publishing
Abstract:The King and the Moon is the story of a king who is afraid of the moon; Because his palace is by the sea and at every tide he worries that the water will take away his glorious palace. The soldiers said, Sir, isn't it better to take our palace a little further back? The king got angry and answered: Why should we? Who has ever heard a king retreat? The sea must retreat.” The soldiers replied: It is not the fault of the sea! The moon is responsible for this event!” So, the king looked for various ways to get rid of the moon!

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