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The Last Song of the Scarecrow

20 Pages
Illustrator:Maktabi, Reza
Publisher:Shokoofeh Books,Amirkabir, Iran
Writer:Akrami, Jamaleddin
Abstract:The story teaches children not to judge someone based on their looks. That's what a small robin found out when the ugly scarecrow gave her a warm place to rest when she was all alone. She then told this to other birds. The ugly scarecrow wasn't that scary after all!

The Legend of the Palm Tree and the Goat

40 Pages
Illustrator:Amekan, Ali
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Rewritten:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Abstract:This book retells the ancient story of the Asurik Tree. The oldest Iranian children’s literature text, the Asurik Tree can be traced back to 2,500 years ago and is a debate between a goat and a palm tree about which has the greatest benefits.

The Legend of the Young Archer

29 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Hamidreza Shahabadi
Illustrator:Nooshin Safakhoo
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Translator:Mahmood Mohaqeq
Abstract:There is an annual arrow shooting contest in which the winner is awarded a precious golden ball. Rad tends to compete with Toofan who is the top-winner for years. An old man called Naseem (Breeze), the great master of archery teaches him how to shoot. But, before participating in any archery exercises, he must learn three main lessons. Turning to a master in archery, on the day of the great archery competition, something eccentric happens.

The Little Black Fish

48 Pages
Age Group:12+
Author:Behrngi, Samad
Illustrator:Mesghali, Farshid
Publisher:Nazar, Iran
Rights Sold:Turkish,  English,  Greek
Abstract:The story is told through the voice of an old fish speaking to her 12,000 children and grandchildren. She describes the journey of a small black fish who leaves the safety of the local stream to venture into the world.

The Little Elephant

28 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi
Illustrator:Solmaz Joshaghani
Publisher:History of Children’s Literature in Iran
Abstract:Seeing the birds in the sky, the little elephant always loved to have wings in a way that he thought his big ears were wings and mistakenly grew on his head! So he asks the giraffe for help. Eventually, the tailor monkey gives him a hand! He cuts off his ears and sews them on his back! But, does it work? Of course, something was wrong.

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