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The palace which is destroyed (The book of kings (Shah Nameh))

64 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaei, Kamal (Seyed Fazlolah)
Publisher:Panjareh, Iran
Writer:Seyed Abadi, Ali Asghar
Abstract:Zahak is a cruel king. Two snakes were grown on his shoulders because he has governed his country with cruelty. The snakes don't eat anything unless the brain of two young adults , every day.
Feridoon and Kaveh with a group of the brave men rebel against Zahak and triumph over him.

The Parrot and the Grocer

32 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi
Illustrator:Amir Shabanipour
Abstract:In this narration, the author has taken a new approach that shows both the rhythm of the original narration and a new rhythm of the novel version.This reflects the modern rhythm that exists in the repetitive structures of the images when you read and see the frames.

The Porter Turned Fortune Teller

28 Pages
Age Group:6+
Author:Mehdi Hajvani
Illustrator:Kheiriyeh, Rashin
Publisher:TUTI Books
Abstract:A Porter’s wife insists that he leave his job and become a fortune teller instead. He gets lucky by making two predictions that later come true, and so he is chosen as the governor’s personal fortune teller; but this is only the beginning of his story…
“The Porter Turned Fortune Teller” is an old folktale revolving around the consequences of being untruthful.

The Rabbits of the Spring and the Moon

32 Pages
Age Group:+7
Author:Mohammadi, Mohammad Hadi
Illustrator:Amir Shabanipour
Abstract:t tells of a group of rabbits living in green pastures. An elephant herd migrates away from its dried-out land to these pastures and resides around a lake. This migration disturbs life on the green pastures. The wise among the rabbits asks for help from the moon and drives the elephant herd away from the pastures so that peace and happiness returns to the life of rabbits.

The Rainbow's Bride

48 Pages
Illustrator:Tabatabaei, Kamal (Seyed Fazlolah)
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Writer:Shafiee, Shahram
Abstract:This book is about the life story of Hazrate Fateme (Daughter of Prophet Mohammad). It depicts her life as a little girl until she gets married to Imam Ali. While reading her life story however, we understand that Before the advent of Islam, how Arabs buried their daughters alive considering them as a sign of disgrace. In this way, they deprived women of their due place.

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