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The Farmer
Age Group:6+
Illustrator:Hassan Mousavi
Rights Sold:Chinese
Writer:Hassan Mousavi
Abstract:This Farmer has a consuming passion for fishing. He farms every day desperately in order to buy a fishing boat. However, after buying the boat, he prefers to use it as a carrier to send his products to cities. To him, having a larger boat is better. He is desperately endeavoring every day. His vast fields overspread everywhere except a small piece of land. When he visits there, a petit girl is fishing to enlarge her field. So, the farmer opts to deal with her to have her boat for his fields

The Bomb and the School
Age Group:8+
Illustrator:Hadi Baghdadi
World Rights Available:Unpublished
Writer:Ebrahimi, Payam
Abstract:Mr. Shinsuke is teaching history in the class when all of a sudden everyone hears a loud voice coming closer and closer and a bomb comes into the class! The bomb seems like it’s not supposed to explode. The general and soldiers come. They said they can’t move the bomb because it may explode, and the student has to treat the bomb nicely and take care of it, not to make it explode.
The story goes as the students try to be nice, and treat gently with the bomb and the bomb little by little tried to be a good classmate and a part of a class.
The students and the bomb become a kind of friend and live together in peace. After graduation day, and saying goodbye to all the classmates, the bomb misses its classmates, its heart broke and it explodes.

The Old King and New One

Age Group:8+
Illustrator:Golmohammadi, Feeroozeh
Publisher:Nazar, Iran
Writer:Mehdi Hajvani
Abstract:The king suffers from insomnia. The court witchcraft medicines do not work, so another Indian witch comes to rescue. However, the two witches get involve in complicity and give the king a medicine that puts him to eternal sleep. Then, the two bribe the guards, steal the king’s jewelry and property and flee. Consequently, people who feel free choose someone among themselves to be a king who differs from the former king only in appearance.
This picture book tells the story of societies whose people, instead of challenging the monarchy, fight the king, and try to change others instead of changing their own mindset, and wait for someone to take responsibility instead of shouldering the burden.

Plitsch, platsch – pitsch, patsch Li li li li hozak

Age Group:3+
Illustrator:Dalvand, Reza
Publisher:Baobab Verlag, Switzerland
Rights Sold:Swedish
Writer:Dalvand, Reza
Abstract:Thirsty, a baby bird runs quickly towards the puddle. But oh! It stumbles and lands right in the little puddle! Luckily, help is at hand: The first finger pulls it out, the second dries it off and the third also makes itself useful.
This board book made of recycled cardboard, printed with plant based ink and with a cut-out will fit right into any children's hand.

Over the Mountains
Age Group:8+
Illustrator:Masoud Gharebaghi
World Rights Available:Unpublished
Writer:Masoud Gharebaghi
Abstract:An enormous pile of smoke over the mountains draws people’s attention. Everyone has a conjecture about what is going on there. But the most apprehensive one wins: An enemy is preparing to attack us. The city council refuses to take a closer look and find out the truth and just decides to take action immediately to defend themselves from an unknown enemy. They begin to build their ultimate weapon: a massive dragon. However, since it is “as big as their blind fear” there is not enough material to finish it. So they sacrifice everything to get the job done, but they end up with a wrecked city and an incomplete dragon which can do nothing but puffing smoke. Now people from miles away can see this smoke and wonder what is happening over the mountains.

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