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The Frightened Scarecrow

32 Pages
Age Group:6+
Copy Right:Farsi
Illustrator:Tahmasebi, Maryam
Publisher:Peydayesh, Iran
Writer:Akbarpour, Ahmad
Abstract:Once upon a time, a farmer wished to make the ugliest and most horrible scarecrow in the world. He placed it at the top of a small hill in the middle of his farm. The scarecrow did not want to scare anyone, but everyone ran when they saw him. However, there were lots of things that scared our scarecrow. Darkness frightened him; he was scared when he heard something rustle, and his loneliness made him scared. Therefore, he had to find a friend as soon as possible.
But who would make friends with an ugly scarecrow?

18+2 Woodpeckers

32 Pages
Age Group:8+
Author:Mohammad Hadi Mohammadi
Illustrator:Salimeh Babakhan
Rights Sold:Turkish
Abstract:18+2 Woodpeckers is a story about children with special needs. It is the story of a group of children, 18 of them are able to hear sounds and 2 of them are not. Then, there is an emotional relationship between these children and a group of woodpeckers. This connection eventually reaches to the point that the woodpeckers realize that the oral language, the language produced by articulate sounds, is only one form of communication. There is another form of language which is named sign language and is produced with the hands and the face or even with different kinds of signs or shapes. In this story, when the woodpeckers communicate with those two deaf children with the use of their feathers, sign language is born

A Big Friend

32 Pages
Age Group:5+
Author:Saberi, Babak
Illustrator:Zaeri, Mehrdad
Prize:The White Ravens 2016,  HUCKEPACK
Publisher:Baobab Verlag, Switzerland
Rights Sold:French,  Swedish,  Hindi,  Chinese,  Danish,  Farsi
Abstract:One day the little crow flew back home and announced happily: ‘Mum, I’ve finally found a friend! Look, he’s standing in front of our nest.’
But what does her mother see? She looks right into … the trunk of an elephant! ‘Didn’t I tell you to look for a friend of the same size height so that you can play together?’
The little crow is surprised: ‘We are of the same height: if I fly low and the elephant jumps up a little, we are of the same height.’
The mother can’t stop thinking of all possible difficulties, whereas the little crow can not understand the worries of her mother. They keep arguing until finally the mother tells her child: ‘do never teach your friend to jump off a wall!
The little crow replies: ‘Of course not, Mama, it is an elephant, an absolutely normal elephant. Not a flying elephant!’

A Bird Like Himself

32 Pages
Age Group:5+
Author:Teymoorian, Anahita
Illustrator:Teymoorian, Anahita
Publisher:Kanoon publishing
Rights Sold:Turkish,  Spanish,  German,  Dutch ,  Chinese (Simplified),  Farsi
Abstract:Left on its own, a large egg rocks back and forth.
Suddenly there is a crack and out pops a fat little chick. The chick is all alone in the world. The animals living nearby don’t know what to do as they’ve never looked after a baby bird before. An unlikely assortment of foster parents takes over the job of trying to bring up ‘Baby’, as they call him, because he’s everyone’s baby’. They don’t always get it right but they do love him.

A Bird Like Himself is a funny, understated story about the importance of parental love and of growing up by Iranian author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian. The humorous
illustrations show all the different animals as they attempt to care for Baby – playtime is in a mouth full of teeth and then there are the numerous attempts to teach Baby how to fly.

A cup of poem
Poet:Pakseresht, Mojdeh
Publisher:Kanoon publishing

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